Setting up teams for success
About me
I am passionate about the possibilities of the digital world and want to pass on my excitement. Agile practises and lean methodologies are at the heart of my work and life. As a former CTO of multiple startups / mid-sized companies, I have great enthusiasm for digital leadership required in the agile world.
After hundreds of public and private speaking opportunities including keynotes, panels, brownbag lunches, fuckup nights and more, I am dedicated to deliver inspiring and entertaining talks about digital leadership and building tech organizations set up for success.
With a background as a scrum master, CTO and product manager, I plan and execute workshops for a variety of enterprise challenges, such as goal setting frameworks, product development methodologies, finding and describing values and purposes and organizing work. Specific examples include Design Sprints, Bigroom Plannings, OKR setting, architecture workshops.
Tech Advisor
After spending years in tech organizations as a CTO and tech leader, I made a lot of learnings about technology stacks, organizational setup and architectural challenges. I am passionate about passing on my experience and inspiring others with my own war stories.
Availabilities for Design Sprints and Mandates
At the moment, there are no more availabilities for 2022.
isabel.carbotta (at) digitizzy.com
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