500g flour for zopf (https://www.coop.ch/de/lebensmittel/vorraete/grundnahrungsmittel/mehl-zucker/mehl/naturaplan-bio-zopfmehl/p/5926066, coop or migi)

7g (1 pack) of dry yeast (for example this: https://www.coop.ch/de/lebensmittel/vorraete/backzutaten/klassische-backzutaten/grund-zutaten/dr-oetker-hefe-3-stueck/p/3031923 or this: https://shop.migros.ch/de/direct/product/4876253)

15g of salt
32g of sugar
100g butter
3dl of milk
1 egg
mix the flour, yeast, salt, sugar
melt the butter in a pan on low heat (without cooking it)
pour the milk into the butter and mix
pour the milk/butter mix into the flour mix

knead for 10 min with the kitchenaid, if you have one. you can also do it by hand. kneading is really THE success factor. do it long enough.

cover with a wet kitchen towel in a place where there is no cold airflow (not next to the open window) and let go for 3 hours.
now the dough should have risen to double.

braid the bread, the instruction is on the back of the flour pack. when you make the strand, try to not knead the dough too much and destroy the fluff.. if you feel you destroyed the fluff, let go the braided dough for another 30 min before baking.

before baking, cover in egg wash (just mix the white and the yolk)

baking: first 10' with 220 deg then 35' in 180 deg in the preheated oven in circulating air mode (icon should look like this: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTWezNfnXzq7-ABgQymXXk1Uv_bTzOB_Y80F8uTLpS2zx2xxj4SvXOObZnT2RH4EecQJXw&usqp=CAU ) tell me what oven you have and i can explain how to get there

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